Original title: Horóscopo
Author: Paola Guevara

The Zodiac Man

Leonardo Oldano is an up-and-coming editor at the culture section of a national newspaper. Until one day he makes a grave error, and is demoted to horoscopes. But he isn’t even required to write them. His humiliating new task is to proofread the text sent in daily by an unseen freelancer. The name of this enigmatic oracle is Mercurio Astral – and, as sections are axed ever more brutally, his page lives on, safeguarded by his many fans.

Ego wounded and career stagnating, Leonardo falls obsessively in love with the new star journalist Ariana Santamaría, a brilliant reporter who´s shaking up the male-dominated newsroom. Leonardo knows she’s out of his league, but he notices that she reads her horoscope every morning.

Realizing he´s holding an ace, Leonardo starts tampering with the star signs, hoping to sabotage his rivals’ advances and further his own. Can the right blend of gloomy prophecies and strategically-planted seeds win the woman of his dreams? Is their shared future written in the stars?

Putting the humble horoscope centre-stage, this is a witty and insightful novel about the triumph of the powerless, about using words to create new realities, and about the perils and payoffs of playing god.